Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution explains how to send data to the Documentation and Interactions tab in BBCRM

Environment: BBCRM

Versions: All


You can use Omatic Cloud to send data to the interactions subtab under the Documentation and Interactions tab in BBCRM. Please follow the steps outlined below:

Formula type: the formula type depends on your data source as well as the type of data you are looking to import into BBCRM.

Depending on your data source, you will have additional settings to choose from. For example, if you are pulling email activity from Luminate, Omatic Cloud will prompt you to select Campaign(s).

The following sections require mapping:

  • Constituent / Individual
  • Constituent / Interaction
  • Constituent / Interaction / Interaction Response

Constituent / Individual

At minimum, you will need to map to last name. This field is required in BBCRM. 

Constituent / Interaction

The following fields are required in BBCRM:

  • Summary: this is a free text field
  • Status: this is a drop-down in BBCRM. If status is completed, it has to have an actual start date and an expected start date
  • Expected date
  • Contact method: this field has standard and custom values in BBCRM
    • Examples: Email, Event, Letter, Mail, etc.

The following fields can optionally be mapped:

  • Category
  • Subcategory
  • Owner
  • Event

Constituent / Interaction / Interaction Response

The following fields are required in BBCRM:

  • Date
  • Category
  • Response