Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution discusses what the Remove specific character Clean up can do for your data

Environment: All

Versions: All


Clean up options are found by going to the field mapping screen and clicking on the gear icon to the right of your mapping. 

Select Clean up, and a new screen will appear with the different clean up options available. Below we will walk through the Remove specific character option.

Remove specific character allows you to remove these characters from a value:

  • $ (Dollar)
  • € (Euro)
  • £ (Pound)
  • % (Percent)
  • , (Comma)
  • @
  • #

In our example data file, clean up is needed that requires I use the Remove specific character: , (Comma).

To do this, select the gear icon to the right of the field mapping for the Email Address field. Select Clean up, and the new screen appears with our clean up options. Select the dropdown under Remove specific character:, then choose the , (Comma) option from the drop down menu, and click Apply.

Our example records show the Remove , (Comma) clean up that has been applied to the Email Address field.

If would like more information on field mapping, please see this article.