Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution discusses what the Postal code formatting Clean up can do for your data

Environment: All

Versions: All


Clean up options are found by going to the field mapping screen and clicking on the gear icon to the right of your mapping. 

Select Clean up, and a new screen will appear with the different clean up options available. Below we will walk through the Postal Code formatting options.

Postal code formatting provides the following options:

  • None
  • US Zip (5 digits)
  • US ZIP (+4)

With no formatting, here are our example records:

If we add Postal code formatting: US Zip (5 digit), we can see the changes to our example records. In the first example, the original record only had 4 digits, with the clean up, it now has a leading zero to make it 5 digits. The second example had 9 digits, this will now only keep the first 5 digits:

Next we'll try Postal code formatting: US Zip (+4). In the first example record, this will not only add a leading zero, it will also add a hyphen and 4 zeroes after the hyphen, making it 9 digits. The second example record, only adds a hyphen after the first 5 digits:

If would like more information on field mapping, please see this article.