Product: ImportOmatic Connector for Engaging Networks
Description: Explanation on why transactions outside the selected date range would import
Environment: All
Version: All


When importing from Engaging Networks, you may see transactions outside of the selected date range.

For example, when import and using an end date of 9/28/21 12:00am you may see records import for 9/28 after midnight.

This happens because the Engaging Networks API does not use time in their call. The API only uses the date. Because we included 9/28 in the call, all transactions for that day are imported, regardless of the time.

One recommendation is to set the end date to 9/27/21 11:59pm so that no transactions from 9/28 are imported.

If you are importing in the middle of the day and including transactions from today, it's important to note that transactions will duplicate on subsequent import jobs.

For example, if importing on 10/1/21 at 11am with a date range of 9/30/21 12:00am - 10/1/21 11:00am, a transaction entered on 10/1/21 at 8am will import. Then, when importing next time for 10/1/21 11:01am - 10/2/21 12:00am that same transaction entered on 10/1/21 at 8am will import again.

Map the Transaction ID 2 field to Gift ID and those duplicated gifts will error out so that you do not end up with duplicate gifts in Raisers Edge.