Product: ImportOmatic Connector for Luminate Online
Description: Drop down field for Center and Donation Form Appear Empty
Environment: All
Version: All


1. Verify that your ImportOmatic Profile settings have the custom domain included if any LO donation forms are using a custom url. Please review the attached 'LO_CustomURL' video at the bottom of the article to walk through the steps to self-resolve, note that LO admin access will be needed: 

2. Retype the last character and tab away from one of the fields on the profile connection screen. This can be done within the import profile's 'General Settings' area via the 'Change Data Source' link. First allow the profile to save a backup copy, then select the same profile type from the available options and save so that it keeps the mapping by field name. When the connection window appears, delete the last character of either the username, API key, or org name, and rekey it in again before hitting 'tab' - you should see the centers field 'thinking'. From there you should be able to select 'All' under Centers, which then allows you to select your donation forms or events to include before saving the profile. Note that you may need to ensure you are pulling transactions based on 'date created' rather than 'date modifed', depending on your normal preferred processing rules. Review the 'LOprofileCenters' gif attached at the bottom of this article.

In the example above, the cursor can be placed to the right of the '4' in the Org Name field (note that your LO Org Name will be different) and the '4' can be deleted then rekeyed again before hitting 'Tab'. Upon hitting 'tab' the 'Centers' field will try to reload, click on the Centers drop-down to select 'All'.

3. Verify that your SSL Certificate is not Expired. If it is expired, please re-certify it and attempt to create a new connection between Luminate and Omatic.