Product: PostOmatic
Description: When running PostOmatic with the Omatic Cloud chosen as the format, some gifts may not be posted and a message appears making the user aware that some gifts could not be marked as posted.  What does this message mean and what should I do about it.
Environment: All
Version: All

When running the PostOmatic plugin with "Post the Gifts" chosen, some gifts may not be marked as posted.  This could be for various reasons including:

1.  A different user has a gift opened and locked in RE, and the post status cannot be edited.

2.  The user running the post process may not have the appropriate permissions to mark the gift as posted or deleted.  NOTE - GL Reversals cannot be marked as posted but can only be deleted, otherwise they can reappear during the post process.

The user could be presented with an image similar to the one below.  In this case, 3 gifts could be saved after being marked as posted.  These gifts were noted in a file named GiftsNotPosted.csv with a timestamp in the file name.  In this case, GiftsNotPosted_20220203_134537.csv.  These gifts were in the file produced by PostOmatic and sent to the accounting system.  In order to ensure that the gifts are not posted again, the user is presented with the message and file that has the information on the gifts.

Once the user navigates to the file, there should be enough information to allow the user to search for and find the gift that could not be marked as posted.  In addition, the reason that the gift could not be marked as posted on the gift. In this case, the 3 gifts could not be marked as posted as RE returned the error of "No rights to Edit Gift".

Once the gift is found, the post status should be changed to Posted and the gift saved.  Note, a gift could have a post status in multiple different areas, including the Miscellaneous tab, on the Adjustment on the gift and on the Sold Stock Property Information page (Found under the Gift menu on the Gift).