Product: Omatic Integration Cloud
Description: Instructions on how to save edits or how to reprocess edits in a formula
Environment: All
Version: All



When working in a new formula, you have the option to Save Edits and Close or Save Edits. 

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Save Edits and Close will save the progress of the formula up to the current page and close the formula workflow. 

Save Edits allows you to save your progress as-you-go, but not close the formula workflow. 

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When working in an existing formula, you have the option tocan Apply Edits and Reprocess Data or Save Edits. 

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Apply Edits and Reprocess Data will integrate any edits made since the last time you edited or processed your dataThis option will then reprocess your data, which includes reprocessing all records in any bucket in the formula and re-applying mapping, clean-ups, transformations, matching, and triage.  When Apply Edits and Reprocess Data is selected, a confirmation message will display detailing what was edited.  

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