Product: ImportOmatic - Luminate Online Connector
Description: Occurs when attempting to import using cloud connector profile
Environment: All
Version: All


This means that there was a change to the fields that Luminate made available through their API, which is what ImportOmatic uses to pull in data. When this happens, you will need to perform a profile refresh to adjust the mapping to those changes made by Luminate. When this happened and the mapping was cleared, did you save the profile, or did you select cancel? If you selected save, you will unfortunately need to use the backup copy of the profile made to remap the fields removed after refreshing. If you selected cancel, you can just re-open the profile and perform the refresh as explained below.

Please review the steps explained in this KnowledgeBase solution:
Please also note the following about refreshing:
1) I recommend making a copy of your profile before refreshing, that way you know that you have an original version to work with if needed.
2) Please ensure that you save a backup copy when prompted through the pop-up as well. It will ask you to select a destination for it.
3) Make sure to select the correct connector when refreshing. For this profile, it appears to be the Luminate Online Sustainer Gifts connector.
4) Select the correct campaigns, events, donation forms, etc. in the credentials screen. If you leave these blank, the refresh will not work properly.
5) If the refresh does not go as expected, you can always select "Cancel" in the bottom left hand of the profile afterward. This will revert your changes. There is no requirement to save if it seems wrong!