Product: ImportOmatic - List Management
Description: Instructions on how to use a query to create a list of constituent records to demote 
Environment: All
Version: All


You may follow the steps below to demote full RE constituent records into non-constituent list records: 

1. Create your constituent query and save it to your "List Management" folder.

2. Go to Plugins > ImportOmatic > List Management. Right click on an existing list and select to 'create new list from query':

3. The 'list from query' window will appear. Use the browse button on the query field and locate the query that was created and stored in your list management folder:

4. Specify a name for your list and select 'OK'. This will create your list from your query:
5. Double-click to open the query created list and use the CTRL or SHIFT key to select one by one or multiples. Once you have the records you would like to demote selected, right click and select to "Demote Records":

This will create your query and allow you to demote your records by selecting them and right click to "Demote to non-constituent(s)":